Virtual care

What is Virtual Care?

Novant Health provides easy and convenient ways to connect with your provider through online services to receive minor diagnoses, prescriptions, and professional advice from a licensed provider from anywhere. We offer Virtual Care in two ways: through online video visits and e-visits.



Fill out an online questionnaire and receive a treatment plan from anywhere for non-emergency issues.

E-visits are an online medical evaluation that allows you to fill out an electronic questionnaire about your symptoms. Your provider will determine a diagnosis and a treatment plan that may include prescriptions. This convenient and affordable feature improves access to care for patients suffering from mild symptoms such as cough, red eye, diarrhea, sinus problems, vaginal discharge or urinary issues, and other non-urgent illnesses and injuries. If you have a serious emergency, call 911.

Video visits


Schedule online appointments with your provider. All you need is an Apple or Android device or a webcam computer and a MyChart account.

In order to qualify for a video visit, you must have been seen by a Novant Health provider in the state of North Carolina within the last two years and have an active MyChart account. Most video visits can be scheduled on the same day, and some are available within the hour of calling. Video visits are priced at a flat fee of $50 charged to your credit card. Some insurance plans cover the fee at the same co-pay price as an in-office visit with your primary care provider. If technical problems prevent the video visit or if your doctor determines your problem cannot be addressed through a video visit, the fee will be reimbursed.

To participate in a video visit,
please download or print the
following instructions for the
appropriate device you will be using.

Instructions for mobile

Instructions for computer